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Security and Surveillance Services

Thompson Professional Networks started offering security/alarm and surveillance services in 2004, providing installations and service for many large retail stores and business offices.  In the past we had partnered with ADT distributors installing mostly Honeywell products.   
As of 2018 Thompson Professional Networks is now offering our own line of professional alarm and surveillance products.  

Our TPN Smart Home Solutions can offer a wide range of remotely controlled security and monitoring services.  
Our services include:

Alarm systems with IOS and Android apps that will allow a home or business owner to monitor their premises remotely for alarms and notifications.    With our smart home alarm panel you can create call hunt groups to receive a call to notify up to 5 people about an alarm or alert.  You can also have your alarm automatically text you alarm and alert notifications.   At any time you can login on the app to see when the alarm or alert was triggered, and depending on what accessories you have installed, you can check for fire/heat/smoke, you can monitor a live camera feed or see past recordings, you can also see which part of your house (which sensor) was triggered.  

We offer a wide variety of sensors.  We offer wireless door/window sensors, we offer wired door and window sensors, we offer motion sensors, heat sensors, smoke sensors, CO2 (and other gas) sensors, water level sensors, and camera/motion sensors.   

With our smart home lineup, you can control lighting, electrical outlets, flood lights, and a wide variety of appliances.  

For instance say that you go to the store in need of an ingredient for your dinner.  You leave but you can’t remember if you forgot to turn your stove off.   Via your app, you can view an indoor camera that sees your kitchen.  Or you can just hit a button which turns off an outlet that your stove is plugged into.  Or if you completely forget about it, an alarm will sound if there is smoke or excessive heat present, at which point you can switch your outlet off.  

Beyond feeling secure in your home, you will also feel secure when you leave your home.  

If you offer services such as AirBnB, you can install a door lock which can be controlled either via RFID, or remotely via your smart home phone app.  You may even give your AirBnB guests a code to enter so that they can access your home without you having to be present to personally hand them a key.   
As your can imagine, being able to control your door locks from you home has many advantages.  What is best is that our phone app is highly secure, and only you will have access to your smart home controls, even if you lose your phone.  We offer the highest security in the industry for smart phone apps.

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