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Nationwide Field Technician Service Professionals

Thompson Professional Networks LLC
since 2002

Excellence in project management for field service I.T. projects

Remote and Onsite Services

Since 2002, we have offered both remote administration and support services as well as comprehensive onsite services to our clients. 

Security and Surveillance Services

Thompson Professional Networks started offering security/alarm and surveillance services in 2004, providing installations and service for many large retail stores and business offices. In the past we had partnered with ADT distributors installing mostly Honeywell products.

Servers and Hosting

Celebrating 19+ years of web hosting (since 2002).  TPNetworks started out as a small hosting provider and we have grown to host over 100 hosting clients.   We have been leasing and managing dedicated and VPS servers for our clients on a per need basis.


With over 40 years experience our family owned information technology project management and field service company has experience to manage projects both large and small

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Service Nationwide

Service Nationwide

In business since 2002

In business since 2002


Current updates, service news and frequently asked questions are updated regularly.

Field Services

Information Technology Field Services

Application and Web Hosting Cloud Services Application and Web Hosting Cloud Services

A wide range of cloud services, and a wide variety of platforms offered. SAAS, Data, Mail, and web hosting.

Project Management Project management for field services, remote services, and administration

We have several teams that provide service nationwide for various sizes of projects

Security and Surveillance Services

Our TPN Smart Home Solutions can offer a wide range of remotely controlled security and monitoring services.


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