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Continuity For Life

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Harden your wordpress website

  How to harden your wordpress website, to protect against attacks and malware. This article will show you how to protect your website from 3rd party attacks. Some of this can be done manually, and some of this can also be done via software and plugins. If the process is able to be done manually,…

List of vulnerabilities in Vault 7 and fixes

TPNetworks is constantly observing and researching vulnerabilities that may effect our own services and our client’s services. With the recent disclosure by Wikileaks regarding the Vault 7 vulnerabilities.  TPnetworks has been keep track of fixes for the vulnerabilities.   As more disclosures become available, and as more fixes are released, we will continue to update this page…

Offering Servers and Hosting

Celebrating 12 years of web hosting.  TPNetworks started out as a small hosting provider and we have grown to host over 100 hosting clients.   We have been leasing and managing dedicated and VPS servers for our clients on a per need basis.   Our hosting servers are located at a Tier 1 Datacenter located in…

Experience and quality

Each member of our team specializes in one particular field technology and also shares the experience of the rest of our team.  Individually and collectively our experience in the industry is extensive and our knowledge and training is continuously updated and improved.

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